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  • Simon Bristow

    Simon Bristow - A framework for strategic agility

    45 Mins

    In today's world, if businesses aren’t more agile in the way they execute on their strategies, they risk over investing on initiatives that won’t result in the future growth they seek.

    In this talk, we will discuss and share stories from organisations driving towards holistic business agility, and present a simple framework that can help organisations better check the performance of future growth strategies, and act earlier when it looks like those strategies are not going to turn up.

1. Who are you?

I'm Simon Bristow and I'm closing in on 25 years of facilitating cultural change and transformation for businesses.

This experience was gained by being accountable for transformations at organisations such as Aconex, Experian, Goldman Sachs, News Corporation, MYOB and SEEK.

I'm currently the Business Agility Champion powered by expert management agency, 460degrees.

In this capacity I've been providing business advisory and coaching to a diverse set of clients such as ANZ Bank, Mercedes-Benz, Metro Trains, RateMyAgent, REA Group and Western Sydney University.