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  • Stephen Callaghan

    Stephen Callaghan / Christiane Anderson - Kanban Pizza

    90 Mins

    Come and have fun at the end of a long day at LAST! We are on at 4pm and intend to help you wrap up your LAST experience in an enjoyable way (while still learning!)

    Using your creative cutting, gluing and colouring skills(!), participants will experience how to implement and improve a Kanban system using the 6 Core Principles of Kanban.

    Understanding how to create value by limiting work in process (WIP), understanding the impact waste has in a system and how to create value for the business and the customer, by focussing on quality and throughput.

    Over 3 rounds participants will learn how Kanban increases output, improves quality and creates a sustainable way of working and at the same have a great deal of fun! This builds on the original game as devised and commons shared by Agile 42

1. Who are you?

I'm Stephen, originally from Scotland but I've been in Australia for a couple of decades now with aussie children and an aussie cat! I've been involved in "agile" type things for a very long time and have seen a huge amount of change. The hair is greyer but still passionate and most importantly I'm still having fun while doing good things.