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  • Timothy Newbold

    Timothy Newbold - Why Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is one of the worst kept secrets to organisational success

    Timothy Newbold
    Timothy Newbold
    Director of Strategy
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    90 Mins

    Hearing a lot about Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), but still a little unclear what they're about? Maybe you're hearing all the chatter and it's tweaking your interest! Well, join me for a farside chat and all will be revealed.

    In this session we'll get under the hood of OKRs to understand the history, the core concepts and cut our teeth in a manner which allows us to take them back to our teams for further exploration.

    At minimum, you'll walk out of the session with some clear goals for the coming quarter!

1. Who are you?

Tim is a curious wrangler of work systems and lover of strategy who can’t bear the thought of clever people being held captive in a ship drifting towards irrelevance.

Purpose driven executives reach out to Tim seeking an environment of alignment and leadership cohesion. Their ultimate goal? A healthy, adaptable and customer connected business.

His passion has found him speaking at various international and domestic conferences, along with company offsites. Who would have thought?

Why not reach out for a chat? Be warned, he'll chew your ear off on topics relating to Strategic Agility, Design Thinking and Objectives and Key Results.