The Lion King - How a Disney movie changed my approach towards Servant Leadership

During the lockdown, I happened to watch the 2019 movie "The Lion King" . This movie was an eye opener to me and what I learnt in those 120 minutes truly amazed me. The movie has all the learnings & Trappings of What  Servant Leadership is all about.

In the proposed talk, I try to bring this learning to all of you. This talk delves into the reason why Servant Leadership is the need of the hour in this crisis time. I draw inferences & inspiration from the movie "The Lion King" to drive home the relevance of Servant Leadership in our work life.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

The presentation will  bring out the movie characters and map them with our work stakeholders to bring out How we find interact with such stakeholders in the real world also

Presentation Outline

  • The Lion King Movie - Introduction - 1 minute
  • Characters in the movie - Stakeholder Identification & Understanding  - 2 minute
  • Wisdom From Mufasa - True Leadership Style  | Servant Leadership in Practice - 7 minutes 
  • Simba The Crown Prince - High Values | Patience Pays | Servant Leadership - 3 minutes
  • Rafiki (Mandrill) - Who crowns the King-  How a Culture of Inspire & Trust wins Over a Command & Control -4 minutes
  • End Note - Does Servant Leadership really work? - 3 minutes

Learning Outcome

The Key learning Outcome of this proposed talk is

1. Learn the essence of Servant Leadership through a movie

2. Help participants (especially Core Command & Control Leaders)  apply  Servant Leadership concepts in Day to Day Life

3. Understand the reason How practically Servant Leadership style is applied

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested to learn and hear about Servant Leadership

Prerequisites for Attendees

Any one with an Open mind for learning can join the talk



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