Ever been spellbound when someone spun you a great yarn? Storytelling connects folks with your message and makes them care about it. In Agile contexts, where we care deeply about effective communication, story-telling is a super power for aligning folks on a vision, and bringing them on the change journey. Lean how to use this skill in all sorts of contexts, from being heard in meetings, to job interviews or presenting at events.

This learning by doing workshop guides you through how to get started – from devising your message, crafting your first line, to engaging your audience.

The workshop uses a fun step-by-step approach, that does not require any skill whatsoever as a writer, just the openness to give it a go!

If you are up for some laughter and to push your boundaries trying something new, come along and learn how to tell your story with impact.


Outline/Structure of the Skills Workshop

This is an active learning by doing workshop where we’ll run through various activities to get you crafting a story.

5 mins – Fun intro to the framework for a story

15 mins – Activity 1: First lines

15 mins – Activity 2: Story in three sentences 

15 mins – Activity 3: Sight, smell, sound

15 mins – Activity 4: Finish the sentence

15 mins – Activity 5: Share your story idea

Learning Outcome

Learn how to craft a story for any context by:

  • Understanding the framework of a good story
  • Engaging the audience with your story
  • Leaving the audience with your powerful message

Step by step instructions will be provided to folks after the workshop, so that you can reuse this approach.

Target Audience

Anyone eager to learn how to connect with others through telling a story.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites. You don’t need to be a good writer. You don’t need to be confident in written English. Just bring your unique self, a pen and paper (or digital equivalent) and your openness to have some fun.

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  • Ruma Dak

    Ruma Dak - Dancing with the System - Systemic lens for Understanding, Influence & Change

    Ruma Dak
    Ruma Dak
    Lead Delivery Coach
    schedule 11 months ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins

    Have you ever felt frustrated when you cannot influence change?

    Have you felt you tried your very best but things don’t seem to improve?

    If any of the above resonate, this talk will unlock a new perspective for you!

    Using a Systems lens to understand a complex system can be a game changer for teams, leaders and coaches. A Systems perspective will shed light on the ‘unseen’, ‘untouched’ or ‘ignored’ parts of a system, without which any system-level action would be ineffective over the longer term.

    Inspired by Donella Meadows 'Dancing with Systems’ and ‘Leverage Points’,  this talk will help you look through the Systems lens and use it in your everyday work. It's for everyone - from a novice to a seasoned Systems Thinker – we will explore the concepts together and identify various ways to put them into practice. Don’t be surprised if you realize you have been using Systems Thinking concepts already!


  • Chris Chan

    Chris Chan - How to Coach for Impact

    80 Mins
    Skills Workshop

    Coaching is one of the biggest drivers of performance improvement.  This workshop will help everyone, in particular Team Leaders,  Technical Leads and Managers understand and practice the basics of coaching which will enable you to to be a more effective leader and coach.

    International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

    LAST (Lean Agile & Systems Thinking) involves many changes in mindset, process, practice and ways of working.  We often get stuck as we try to figure out how to incorporate LAST into our daily work.  Coaching is an approach for helping people to get unstuck and trying to accelerate their transition to a different way of thinking and working.  In this workshop we will also move away from Agile and Agile Coaching and explore Professional Coaching as described by ICF and how it can help people's personal and work lives in general.  

    In this workshop we will explore two parts of coaching.  The first part consists of supportive behaviours and the second part the coaching-specific skills.  We will then have the opportunity to practice coaching skills in pairs.