What's the value in not valuing the values of "Agile" & "Scrum"?

Alignment of my personal values with the value system of any organization is crucial for me to help the organization deliver “Value”.

I believe that the value system is the base for any organization to excel in their respective agile journey but then whenever I join a new organization, it amuses me to observe a number of things that are not aligned to the Agile Values.

In this talk, I will be going through the observations based on my previous experiences and how I have had tied it back to the "Values" of Agile & Scrum in order to help the squads and the organizations with their agile journey.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Starting with the following 4 Values of Agile by quoting the challenges that I have had faced during my stint with different organizations & how I have had addressed those challenges with the real world examples.
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools - 5 mins
  • working software over comprehensive documentation - 5 mins
  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation - 5 mins
  • responding to change over following a plan - 5 mins

2. Explaining the "Why" behind the 5 Values of Scrum & quoting how I have had helped the organization with regards to imbibing these values which in turn enabled the agility across the organizations.

  • Focus - 3 mins
  • Respect - 3 mins
  • Openness - 3 mins
  • Commitment - 3 mins
  • Courage - 3 mins

I will leave 5 mins for Q&A from the audience.

Learning Outcome

  1. Learn how to influence & implement new ways of working based on the Value system.
  2. Get an insight on real world problems and how to address the same. The problems in other organizations can be of the same nature or the audience can still experiment and implement the learning's in their respective organizations based on my examples.
  3. Enhance the power of influence.
  4. Alignment of personal Values with the agile Values.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product owners, Change agents & agilists

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind to learn & provide  constructive feedback on the talk.

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