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Have you ever wanted to change the world for the better but didn't think it was possible with your particular job?

Well the good news is, everyone and every organisation has the potential to contribute to better future for society. At this session, we will show you how...

We will take a look at the interconnected system that link individuals, organisations, and society together to help you understand that by cultivating good culture from the inside, an organisation can have a positive impact on the outside.

We will explore a case study and discuss as a group the types of actions people at every level in an organisation can take to start implementing small sustainable changes that make a real impact.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of why great organisational cultures help people, profit and the planet along with some practical tips to shift your own workplace cultures towards a better future.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study


  • Define organisational culture and explain the importance of good organisational culture.
  • Present a systems map of interconnectedness between the cultures of the individual, the organisation and the collective (societal culture).
  • Explain the 3 lenses of the system that we will explore in the case studies section.

Move into Case Study Section

  • Brief overview of 3 different case study examples of organisations that show leadership responses that have fostered organisational cultures that drive changes to behaviours in the System.
  • Case study examples show Leaders that: use profit for impact, or innovate their organisation's business model, or use their organisation's influence for community advocacy.
  • Stop after case study examples to have a group discussion with participants.

Discussion with conference session participants. Questions to promote the discussion:

  • Reflecting on the Case Study examples...
  • What would it be like to be apart of those organisations?
  • What would it be like to be a leader in one of those organisations?
  • What would it take to create & foster cultures like these organisations?

Close out the Case Study & the session

  • Summarise some key points of the group discussion.
  • Close out the session by reinforcing key messages, suggested actions they can take and pointing out where they can go for some additional resources & information on this topic.

Learning Outcome

Participants will walk way with:

  1. A deeper understanding of why great organisational cultures help people, profit and the planet. 
  2. Some relevant application and practical tips on how to shift their own workplace cultures towards a better future.

Target Audience

HR staff/ leaders, team leaders/ managers and any staff who are passionate about actively contributing to good organisational culture.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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