Wanna boost your creativity? You've come to the right place. There is a lot of fluff published on the subject, so in this workshop we're only going to get our hands dirty with activities that are backed by scientific research.

The content of this workshop is based on the published work of organisational psychologist, Amantha Imber. Amantha's work brings into the public arena the results of thousands of scientific findings from leading universities such as Cornell, Harvard and NYU that are repeatable and demonstrably not due to chance.

The strategies that Adam will cover in this workshop are small changes that can be made in any workplace that can make a significant difference to an organisation's creative output. Adam will also put forward practical suggestions that can be used by individuals to think more creatively, whether that be at work or in their personal lives.


Outline/Structure of the Skills Workshop

1st 40 minutes - The first half of the workshop will be centered on techniques that prime the brain and shift it into an open-minded and lateral-thinking mode. 

2nd 40 minutes - The second half of the workshop will be centered on how working with constraints can positively impact creativity. Adam will run an interactive workshop with paddle pop sticks to demonstrate this. Teams will be assembled and requested to build constructions inside time-boxed sprints.   

Learning Outcome

Based on the activities, there will be various. The whole focus of the 80-minute workshop is equipping attendees with the tools to help unleash creativity both at work and in their personal lives. Businesses need to stay competitive to stay alive, and baking in such techniques into workplace activities can help achieve just that.

Target Audience

Coaches and really anyone that wants to to blast a hole through the roof of their next team ideation session!

Prerequisites for Attendees

No preparation needed for this one! Register, arrive and enjoy the ride!

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