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The waterfall world 20 years ago dictated a lot of up front planning. Then along came agile and cut out a lot of waste. On top of that, the need for fast feedback, and shorter time to market has changed how we approach product development. 

Yet, I often find teams paralysed in detail or flailing aimlessly without clear direction of what they are building and how to get it to market. And management still wants delivery timelines upfront. So why are we still so crap at planning?

So, how much planning is right?

Do we spend too much time planning, or too little? Which teams benefit from a lot of planning, and which are overly constrained by it?


In this workshop, we will investigate just how much planning is right for different teams.

What are the aspects to help decide how much planning is enough; what planning approach should you use for your team, and how much detail is needed, and when.


Outline/Structure of the Discussion Group

I will guide the workgroup through each of the areas below, with the participants sharing and exploring these aspects in context of their own experience.

  • Current state in the industry
  • U Curve planning optimisation
  • Impacts of too much, or too little planning
  • Outcomes - why plan
  • Approaches suitable for your team and context

Learning Outcome

Understand why too much, or too little planning hampers delivery.

Increased awareness of what planning is appropriate and relevant to their situation.

Working out how much planning is just right for your teams in their context. What ingredients are needed for perfect planning?

Target Audience

People experiencing ineffective end to end delivery. Leaders; Delivery Managers/Leads; Scrum Masters…

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring your problems, or experience with good/ poor planning.

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