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Agility is a mindset we say all the time. How often have you thought to yourself "I wish there was a way to actually change mindsets, some technique I can use other than teaching agile practices and hoping minseets will shift later"

Vertical coaching draws on techniques from developmental psychology and allows coaches to understand and respond to the mental models of their audience. It’s a profoundly transformative technique that has been used in other areas of coaching for decades.

In this session we will look at a brief introduction to Vertical Coaching and explore two key power moves that coaches can use to help people see new possibilities and grow and shift mindsets.

Episode V - Vertical Coaching Strikes Back


A long time ago in a galaxy far away…


Our brave band of agile coaches, having discovered the power of Vertical Development is on a quest to learn more about this mysterious force. How can they harness its power to restore peace and Agility to the galaxy?


This session will explore vertical development more deeply and introduce some exercises and vertical development power moves that coaches can use. 

We will also look at the dark side of vertical development - how it can lead to judgement and fear. We will see how to avoid the lure of the dark side and learn how vertical development can be used as a force for good and not evil.


Outline/Structure of the Skills Workshop

In his workshop we will dive into Adult development and work on two developmental power moves to help people grow and establish new mental models.

10m - Intro to adult development (Background, theory and terminology)

15m - Power move 1 - Getting on the balcony. Getting on the balcony is a technique to help people get outside the problem they are in and see the whole system. Like looking down on a busy dance floor from the balcony, the chaos resolves int patterns that were hidden from inside.

15m - Power Move 2 - Perspective taking. Seeing a problem from the perspective of others gives both insights into solving it and also grows empathy and compassion for others trapped in the system who may appear to be working against you.

We will work through the two power moves in a series of exercises that will involve standing up and moving around (yes... its one of *those* workshops).

Learning Outcome

Participants will get

  • A quick grounding in some of he history and utility of adult development and how it relates to lean/agile
  • A chance to experience and learn two powerful adult development techniques that can be applied in their day to day interactions.

Target Audience

Coaches and anyone with a passion for helping people grow.

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open heart and a working brain. Plus, if they are really brave, a problem or issue they want to work through in front of the group.


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