Windows in containers, why did we do it? How could we have done it better? Should we have done it?

This is a story of my journey on how and why we implemented windows containers and what we could have done differently if given the chance of a redo. 


We had a vision… a self service platform where developers can just code and push there code to the platform without having to worry about stuff like governance, security, scaling, change management and observability. What did this vision include you ask, well of course all and any workloads. As engineers we all know that anything is possible give enough money and time, so we made the decision to push forward and start building a platform to support windows containers.

What happened next and how could we have made better decisions? That is what I want to explore and try and communicate to the audience so they can avoid same pitfalls. 

I will still have technical aspects to talk about but will be more focused on the journey of how we got here and the decisions that where made on the way.  


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Very High leave stucture

Slide Pack:


Overview of the talk and what we lean

Tell the story of the journey we took in creating a platform that supported windows containers

Why did we make some bad decisions along the way and what influenced those decisions.

What could we have done differently to solve the same problem    


Learning Outcome

How can we make better decisions when looking at building software, applications, systems and platforms? 

Target Audience

anyone involved in creating a platforms, Architects, Engineers, Products Owners and Managers/Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

not needed but could be help if people know Cloud, Kubernetes annd Widows containers 


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