Platforms, self service and the end user, why is this so important?

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Platforms as a concept have been around for a long time, probably since the dawn of the PC,  and folks have being building layers of abstractions to simplify complicated process, laborious grunt work or  even just day-to-day mundane repetitive work. The key focus always was to simplify the end user's experience and provide a simple and easy way to do what ever it is they need to do without having a complicated process to follow or just a command line prompt.

During the age of PC -  Microsoft and Apple focused on enhancing the end user experience and year on year tried make it easier for general population to use a computer. Again the User Experience being the driver, as Steve Jobs famously said you're got to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology - not the other way around.
But somehow in the age of cloud, containers and "DevOps" we seem to have forgotten all about it. Platform engineering as a discipline is all the rage but we (the so called Platform Engineers) have lost the sight of our end users - the developers who are working round the clock trying to provide value to our actual customers. In this  session we will cover some of the tenants of good platform design and how to build a simple-to-use, self service platform.

Outline/Structure of the Presentation



What is a Platform and what is the Platform trying to solve?

Why do we need self services?

How focusing on the end user can help deliver a better platform

How the end result can solve a lot of technical and business problems.


What have you learned and what can you take away from the presentation  

Learning Outcome

How to build a platform for developers with focusing on self service, what problem it can solve and how it can help the increase agility.  

Target Audience

Engineers, Software Developers, Managers, Leads, Principals and Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

An understanding of Agile and SDLC

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