In the fast pace world of agile software delivery there is a fine balance between architecture, security and engineers in how they work together and more often then not they seem to step on each others toes. Each of this groups have the same goal to deliver software but the path to that gaol changes for each of the groups, so how can the three groups work in an agile way to deliver software at speed using a DevOps mindset.


Architects looks at the big picture and how it all fits together, security look at how to secure it to make it safe and the engineer just wants to write code and deploy it, simple isn’t but in the world of agile these boundaries have been blurred.  


Traditionally with a water fall approach you would plan out your architecture and security controls then pass it onto the engineer which would then pass it on to security for vulnerability testing. This was the world we use to know but enter agile and that broke the defined boundaries between the groups.     


I look to explore how working in an Agile manner has blurred the boundaries in terms of responsibilities between the three groups and how to enabler a better collaborative experience between them.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation



How SDLC was done via waterfall

What is Agile and how has it changed the landscape in terms of the three groups (Architecture, Security and Engineers)

What are some of the common issue we see with three group when they work agilely

How can we try and solve of these the problems  


What are the takes aways and leaning form this presentation

Learning Outcome

How architects, security and engineers can work in an agile manner and focusing on DevOps without stepping on each others toes. 

Target Audience

Anyone one involved in the agile process, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Engineers, Developers, Managers and Tech Leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile and SDLC 

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