Systems thinking through stories and live drawing

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As software system leaders and practitioners, we work and deal with systems consisting of humans, machines and relationships among them. These relationship are often complex and complicated. Many project and product initiatives fail because the people involved do not understand the vastness of these systems and only focus on a part of that.

We can be more successful if we understand these complex stems holistically. The study of systems in a holistic manner is called systems thinking.

So what can teach us best about systems thinking?

The nature.

There are plenty of examples in nature that we can use to learn about systems and apply those learning for delivering our finest work.

In this talk we will go on a discovery of a few real life scenarios of systems thinking. We will discuss, analyse and interpret their impact.

What's even better is a that there will not be any slides. I will tell the story while drawing live.



Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Presentation/story telling

Learning Outcome

An understanding of what systems thinking is, and learning real examples of systems thinking.

Target Audience


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  • Ruma Dak

    Ruma Dak - Dancing with the System - Systemic lens for Understanding, Influence & Change

    Ruma Dak
    Ruma Dak
    Lead Delivery Coach
    schedule 11 months ago
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    40 Mins

    Have you ever felt frustrated when you cannot influence change?

    Have you felt you tried your very best but things don’t seem to improve?

    If any of the above resonate, this talk will unlock a new perspective for you!

    Using a Systems lens to understand a complex system can be a game changer for teams, leaders and coaches. A Systems perspective will shed light on the ‘unseen’, ‘untouched’ or ‘ignored’ parts of a system, without which any system-level action would be ineffective over the longer term.

    Inspired by Donella Meadows 'Dancing with Systems’ and ‘Leverage Points’,  this talk will help you look through the Systems lens and use it in your everyday work. It's for everyone - from a novice to a seasoned Systems Thinker – we will explore the concepts together and identify various ways to put them into practice. Don’t be surprised if you realize you have been using Systems Thinking concepts already!