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This talk is a parody where I, AICAnon, an agile whistleblower, discover the AIC hiding in plain sight here in Australia. I'll share my discoveries and uncover their plot, one point at a time. Then I'll share my thoughts on what we can do to counteract the horrors that they have spread throughout our companies and hopefully prevent further spread of this infestation.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This talk will be built in Mural. I'll begin with a slide that looks like a detective board filled with polaroids connected by red strings symbolizing my discovery process. In turn, I'll move on to  close-ups of those images. The initial ones will look slightly edgy but are really very put together, like big consultancy, pixel-perfect slide decks. The final images will be gritty images that resemble propaganda-type posters that you might see in an alley. These will depict how to be subversive in order to overcome the AIC infiltration.

Talk Outline

Intro: Who is AICAnon? Who is the AIC and how did I find them?

Key points: I'll display one image per talking point and talk through how it fits with the conspiracy I have uncovered

Tips: Once the conspiracy has been laid out point by point I'll go into images that help tell the story of what you can do to understand their hold in your company and how to work around it to uncover true agility.

Any time left will be for a Q&A where participants can discuss whether or not they've encountered the AIC so we can share knowledge for stopping this insanity in the future.


Learning Outcome

Understand what the AIC is and why it's so insidious

Learn how to spot the infiltration in your company

Understand what an excellent agile adoption looks like

Learn strategies for dealing with the AIC when you find them.

Target Audience

Anyone who is involved with agile in any capacity

Prerequisites for Attendees

A sense of humor and an open mind

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