Neuro-inclusivity in Digital Experiences

location_city Melbourne schedule Nov 11th 04:00 - 04:40 PM AEST place The Salon people 17 Interested

People's brains are wired differently. But … we want all those different brains to have amazing digital experiences. Where is that common ground?


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

I will present the common understanding of how the workings of people's brains are different and diverse and why it is important to build digital experiences for neuro-inclusivity. I will introduce design principles, concepts & techniques, then share examples of how things can work well that lead to products that are more usable, engaging and desirable for everyone.

I would love to see this public forum to spark further such thinking within the design community - "How can we all do better in this space?"

Learning Outcome

Awareness of concepts around neurodiversity and neuro-inclusivity, and breadcrumbs that will lead us into understanding why & how to address it in designing & building our products.

Target Audience

Designers, product leaders, management, everyone, really


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