The importance of long form learning - the the most ironic lightning talk ever.

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A lightning talk on the importance of taking the time to stop, and think and learn? How ironic.

We tend to consume information now almost like we consume our green smoothies - whack our 5 a day in a blender and mush it down into something pre-digested so we can chug it down over breakfast or on the train without having to chew. We are so busy we need information provided pre-digested so we don't need to think.

This talk is a call to arms. A call to ditch our information smoothies. To take the time to stop and think.

Because if we don't think, how can we change? And if we can't change, how can we change others?


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

5 minute lightning talk.

Learning Outcome

A better understanding of the downside of the way we consume information now and hopefully a desire to consume more long form information.

Target Audience

Everyone who has ever said "I'm too busy to think".

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing. Just come along

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