When we go into organisations, we change a lot of things - processes, ways of working, tools, and even people. But what if you went into an organisation and were told you could only change one thing? That you had the power to completely change one thing, but only one thing. What one thing would that be? And why?

In this workshop we will explore our One Things. What are they? And why do we think that our One Thing is the thing to change above all else. Do we all have the same One Thing? Or all our One Things different?


Outline/Structure of the Workshop



Identifying our one things - individual and group exercise

Why that one thing? - individual and group exercise

What do our one things tell us? - group discussion

Learning Outcome

I'd like people to leave with a deeper understanding of what they think is the most important thing to change and why.

I'd also like them to leave with an understanding that others one things may or may not align with theirs.

Target Audience

Practitioners wanting to think deeply about their approach

Prerequisites for Attendees

This is aimed at practitioners who have been doing organisational change. They should have tried some form of organisational change at least once.

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