"T-shirts and Ties" - bridging the divide between Engineers and Executives

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There is a divide between engineering (inc product management) and executives. There is lack of understanding of each others role, their respective mindsets and how to collaborate and work together. This ultimately leads to a lack of trust, poor decision making, ineffectiveness and an inability to culturally move forward.

This is a topic that does not get enough discussion or action. It's time to change this.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduce myself and my journey
  • Understanding the divide
    • How do executives think
    • How do engineers think
    • Link to MYOB and consulting experience
  • What's the impact
    • Describe and discuss the impact
    • Link to MYOB and consulting experience
  • What is the mindset that is holding each stakeholder group back
    • Describe
  • Who needs to change and who needs to drive the change
    • Describe role and responsibilities of various stakeholders
  • What is the mindset that is each stakeholder group needs to have to move forward
    • Link to MYOB and consulting experience
  • What you can do to move this forward
    • Outline a number of actions.

Learning Outcome

I aim to have attendees leave with a clear set of actions and the right mindset to help close this divide. This will come from a greater understanding of what the divide is, it's impact and how each stakeholder thinks, the challenges they have and what they think about each other.

This is not a problem that be solved with a silver bullet but with the right mindset and perspective I believe we can move the dial.

Target Audience

Applicable to all

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should reflect on their own engineering and executive teams and their respective mindsets, what drives them, what is important to them.

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