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Get clarity on Design Thinking, what does it mean, how does it work, how the design thinking process can work for you to:
  • improves customer experience
  • speed up product development
  • enhance company culture and overall happiness in your teams and organisation
This talk looks at the prevailing frameworks and methodologies today and the rise of Design Thinking to tie them all together, we will be using real stories and relatable examples to both increase understanding and give you the ammunition to help improve the adoption of Design Thinking in your organisations from a mindset, process and cultural perspective.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this presentation we will explore:
● Key frameworks and philosophies that make up Design Thinking including Lean, Agile, Human Centred Design & Lean
● What is classical Design Thinking supported by an overview of the Double Diamond and the Design Sprint
● Real world examples of Design Thinking in action including AirBnb, Twitch TV, XERO and the Royal Australian Air Force
● What is a Design Culture and what could your organisation look like as it starts to adopt a Design Thinking mindset
● Realistic strategies on how you can start benefiting from Design Thinking tomorrow

Learning Outcome

At the end of the talk you will feel confident having much more targeted conversations
around adopting a unique Design Thinking mindset & approach that will work for you,
your team and your organisation.

Target Audience

Developers, Team Managers, Product Managers, Testers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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