Are you stuck in a WTF loop? Your choice of words may have something to do with it.

Language sets the tone for change, but we continue to use the same tired language that we have been for years. You know the language, that dialog, those words that fill the pages of Linked In, airline magazines, and 'modern' management speak. Meaningful change continues to eludes us; and in the end, if we don't change our language, our dialog, our words, we're just waiting to fail (and not the good kind of fail!).

Join me for an interactive discussion of my top ~five words / phrases that I believe cause more harm than good. We'll discuss why they're an issue, and I'll suggest alternatives that may help guide you onto a better path.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

A facilitated walk through of the ~five words / phrases that I believe cause more harm than good. Using pictures, analogy, and examples in a fun and interactive way to highlight the dangers and assumption underlying each one. I will suggest better words/language that may be better aligned with capturing the expected outcomes.

Learning Outcome

A new appreciation, or at least a challenged appreciation of the importance of the language we use every day. A few new words of phrases to try out when you're back in the trenches.

Target Audience

Anyone and everyone that wants to lead and/or participate in meaningful change, and is looking for a way to frame a shift to a simpler and more direct mindset. This may be particularly useful for those outside of the traditional Development / IT crowd.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A pulse and a continued urgency to move in a better direction. Oh, and a good sense of humour if possible.

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