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Workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety, and a holistic outlook to managing wellness will not only improve engagement, it will drive productivity and create a winning environment.

Today's ever-changing work environment puts a lot of strain on individuals. Whether it is coping with long commutes, managing stress in the workplace, or disrupted sleep from constantly being 'switched on', work has an impact on both the physical and psychological well-being of every individual.

While the existence of workplace stress is acknowledged in most organisations, current efforts often place the burden of responsibility with the individual; overlooking the actual cause. Health and well-being are largely seen as a private matter of individual choice.

In this presentation, you will discover how to improve your well-being and resilience, and at the same time, improve your performance and productivity.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This presentation will go through:

  • how stress affects us both physically and mentally
  • to be preventive rather than reactive
  • adopt a proactive approach in solving negative situations
  • create a positive work environment
  • enhance learning, memory and creativity
  • improve your core - health and well-being

Learning Outcome

In this engaging presentation, you will learn how to enrich your health and well-being to create a more happy, healthy, high-performing, and resilient, you.

Become aware of how you can:

  • improve the quality of decision making
  • build and sustain positive relationships at work
  • enhance clarity of thought and ability to learn
  • facilitate effective management of change
  • boost leadership presence
  • improve health and well-being
  • increase joy and quality of life
  • spark meaning, significance and purpose
  • improve intrinsic motivation and agility
  • heighten self-fulfillment

Target Audience

Anyone who is concerned about workplace well-being and becoming more resilient.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Craig Ball

    Craig Ball - Agile for Newbies how to get you mind set right to adapt to the changing environmnet

    Craig Ball
    Craig Ball
    Change Manager
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    45 Mins
    Hands on Session

    Session designed to teach agile newbies how to adapt to the changing and often daunting environment of dealing with agile for the first time. How your mindset makes a difference and how to accept that mistakes are going to be made and that no one is perfect.

    Participants will be reminded what its like to leave their comfort zone and how to adjust to the 'madness' of working in a fast paced new environment.