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This talk is given by an introvert and extrovert; we have discovered that we experience our working lives very differently.

The world we live and work in is biased towards extroverts. We work in open space offices, with Agile ceremonies where people need to assert themselves publicly, vocally, and repeatedly. How does this impact people who don’t display extroverted behaviour? Equally important, how does this impact our ability to harness everyone’s potential?

What can we do to make our workplaces more comfortable for introverted behaviour? How can we give people the chance to contribute and be recognised equally? Explore options to take back to your workplace and level up!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Intro - why is this important?
  • Interactive questionnaire with audience
  • Introversion explained and how we are biased towards extroversion; what is the impact of this?
  • How the extrovert ideal manifests in:
    • engagement and participation
    • innovation and creativity
    • leadership and performance management
  • Tools and techniques to change existing patterns
  • Q and A

Learning Outcome

  • What is introverted behaviour?
  • How extroversion is privileged in everyday life / extroversion bias
  • Techniques to make agile ceremonies, work practices and other interactions more inclusive

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Facilitators, Product people, etc

Prerequisites for Attendees

An empathetic attitude and a healthy interest in improving their work environment.

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