“I know better”, “that’s not Agile” and other signs you may be wasting your time...

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Being an Agile change agent can often feel like you’re fightin an uphill battle. Have you ever felt like you’re pushing, instead of having knowledge and support pulled from you? Have you ever felt that the ‘Agile’ you’re championing is completely different from the ‘Agile’ your organisation is pushing for? My answer is certainly YES to all of those things, and it sucks.
This will be an exploration the struggles I’ve encountered, the failures I’ve had and what I have used to solve them.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk will be primarily in lecture format, with a space at the end for questions.

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the problem - feeling of ‘pushing’ in the role
  3. Setting up the assumption - many organisations have adopted Agile as a way to go faster and drive efficiency instead of fostering innovation and navigating uncertainty
  4. Delving into the why behind the assumption - previous focus of Agile/Lean material on efficiency. Remaining Scientific Management mindset in organisations. Misconceptions about Agile
  5. Introduction to the Agile Fluency Model
  6. Effects of trying to bring an organisation to a different level on the Fluency map than it wants to go
  7. Arrogance, and the torment of ‘I know better’
  8. How to deal with it, visualise and measure the transformation - introduction to Lean Change and cooperative change
  9. As much as I’ve said it’s arrogant - we can be a force for change. Vote with our feet

Learning Outcome

The audience will:
* Learn some of the challenges I’ve encountered during Agile transformations and implementations
* Experience some of the ways I and others have struggled introducing change
* Learn why those failures occurred, and some of the consequences
* Learn some of the tools I’ve used to avoid these failures
* Join in a call to action to be a part of a more significant and important change

Target Audience

Coaches, leaders, Scrum Masters, team coaches and people who care about not wasting human efforts

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile roles


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