The attributes of good management

In this session, I will be describing what good management looks like for agile teams and organizations.

I will present a handful of frameworks for thinking about management, and marry them up to my observations over twenty years of managing experimenting on people in technology-oriented businesses.

I will present examples of good management practices and challenge a few assumptions about what good management requires.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduce the problem: Bad management is pervasive
  • Discuss how managers learn their jobs and how this perpetuates problems
  • Introduce frameworks and theory
  • Discuss the relevant differences between agile teams and normies
  • Challenge some management myths
  • Present a "vital few" good practices to focus on
  • Call to action

Learning Outcome


  • Appreciate the importance of good management
  • Know what good management looks like and have a focus area to work on in the immediate future
  • Are aware of red herrings in the management meme-sphere and can be sensitive to them

Target Audience

managers and people who aspire to be managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring your curiosity.

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