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Life is an iterative process, so why are there so many barriers to Agile adoption? Is our approach wrong? How do we leverage knowledge and experience from broader groups not from a DevOps background to increase performance and customer centric outcomes? What can we learn and therefore improve our Agile maturity.

Let's discuss an unconsidered subset of our community that may well be our next generation of 'Agile' champions, that already understand how to achieve successful outcomes.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


It is important for any number of reason; breaks down barriers, removes ignorance, makes us more open minded and therefore makes us as a community greater do we agree?

AGILE - Servant Leadership

What does this actually mean? Do we really understand this philosophy? Who does and what can we learn from them?

AGILE/DEVOps with integrated Change Management?

How can we integrate Change Management within an iterative process? Do we need to? Why is it important? Can we succeed without? At what point do we include within our delivery cycle?

Learning Outcome

  1. Broader understanding of what diversity can bring to your team.
  2. Broader understanding of Agile leadership skillsets.
  3. Understanding of how to leverage and use Change Management to improve user adoption.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in broadening their understanding of Agile Leadership or how to improve user adoption

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