"I'll start my transformation next Monday" - Overcoming the fear of pain to successfully transform corporates' mass

"Like for diets, if methods exist to lose weight significantly and sustainably, they require discipline and courage, which often lack in big organisations that worship silver-bullet cargo-cult frameworks and rituals.

I will use my own experience in dieting (+20kg in 4 years, -25kg in 6 months) and IT (+20 years of experience) to describe the parallel between the two, and how it is a powerful metaphor to understand why transformations tend to drag on and on in big corporate companies.

Participants will (re-)discover this evidence written in golden letters at gym clubs: ""no pain, no gain"", and how the diet metaphor suits particularly well for a digital/agile/culture transformation. Ramping up from individual motivation and discipline to tribal execution and ownership, find what are the key levers for managers to step up to become their company's Personal Trainers, with often the most underrated ingredient: courage"

Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Why did you get to the point when you dramatically need to change, what causes the epiphany to change?
- Comparison between a diet and transformations, including IT/lean/agility related examples
- Past the initial motivation, courage and discipline are essential to keep going - why we need to feel insecure to change without falling into torpor
- How to move from individual and personal motivation to a complete ownership by a team: tips and tricks, tooling, solutions

Learning Outcome

- For the leader, a powerful metaphor to find in themselves the resources and the courage to overcome their daily pains and carry on despite the numerous challenges
- The importance of discipline in any radical transformation
- How to embrace pain, as a team/tribe, to reach their ambitious objective

Target Audience

C Level Manager

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