How my five year old son taught me what it means to be a good leader through mowing the lawn

We hear that a successful agile transformation is highly dependant on the buy-in from management and their transition to becoming good leaders, but what exactly are the qualities of a good leader? In this story, learn how a five year old with an obsession of mowing lawns taught a weathered Agile coach the qualities needed to be a good leader, and the benefits of servant leadership.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. A PowerPoint with a few images and videos to emphasis the talking portion (basically used for highlighting the "take-aways")
  2. Really comfortable (relaxed), and humorous presentation with a talking component.
  3. Hopefully some time for questions and answers afterwards!

Learning Outcome

  • What are some of the qualities of a good leader, and how does that impact the people (and the product) around them.
  • Approaching real-life situations in an agile way can develop your own understanding of how to do it at work.

Target Audience

New to agile, beginners, leaders, scrum masters, agile coaches, executives, managers, etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites needed!

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