The Agile Enterprise: From Agile Teams to Agile Organisation

Agility continues to be a highly discussed topic. The success of using Agile approaches, mainly Scrum, at the team level has organisations and managers thinking of replicating its success at the department level and even at the organisation level. In addition to popular frameworks and practices associated with Agile there are new roles (Agile Coach, Scrum Master) or traditional roles that were re-branded Agile (Agile Project Manager, Agile Business Analyst, Agile Tester, etc.) that should support the transition to a new kind of organisation, called "Agile Enterprise".

This interactive presentation focuses on the Agility at the Enterprise level from a practitioner's perspective, explaining the difference between the new Agile Enterprise (a top down Agile approach) and Enterprise Agile (the bottom up Agile transformation) that is scaling popular Agile frameworks from team level to organisation level.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

1. What is an Agile Enterprise?

2. The Need for Agile Enterprise

3. A Short History of the Agile Enterprise

4. Agile Transformation Patterns

Learning Outcome

Lessons learned in over 20 years of implementing and using Agile at the enterprise level.

Target Audience

All levels of Agile Practitioners, from team members to C level executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Hands on with Agile frameworks and practices.

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