In an increasingly fast paced, complex and stressful world, we are being asked as leaders to be more “authentic", “vulnerable” and “empathetic”.

But at what cost?

There’s a well known area of psychological research known as compassion fatigue traditionally associated with the medical industry. In this session, we’ll discuss those principles in the context of your leadership role and how to bring your best self to work while practising self care.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Storytelling and examples leading to the learning outcomes interspersed with practical tips and application.

This could also be run as a workshop, but would need 60-90 mins

Learning Outcome

  • Risk Factors for burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Indicators
  • Resiliency: Coping Mechanisms & practical techniques

Target Audience

People Leaders, Coaches and those in roles that require caring for other staff

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-reqs needed apart from some vulnerability if we want to workshop it.

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  • Suzanne Nottage

    Suzanne Nottage - GO WITH THE FLOW: your Scrum teams are interrupted 2,000 times per sprint. Let's talk about flow

    40 Mins
    Hands on Session

    Scrum is a great framework but there are many ways to do it poorly. For example, the average IT worker is interrupted every 15 minutes, which equates to 2000+ interruptions for a Scrum team every sprint. This severely impacts 'flow', team productivity and often reduces happiness and increases stress. It's unthinkable on a production line, yet too often the norm in offices.

    I conducted original research with Scrum teams in Australia as part of my Master of Management thesis (and achieved an A), to understand the causes, patterns and impacts of these interruptions on the team's effectiveness and their happiness. And, how mature teams control interruptions rather than let themselves be controlled by interruptions.

    Attendees will play a short game to demonstrate how destructive the context switching from handling frequent interruptions is.

    My talks are always highly practical and I provide 3 takeaway actions for teams to improve their 'flow' and reduce interruptions.

    I delivered this talk at LAST Melbourne in 2018 and based on strong attendance, would like to deliver it in Sydney this year.

  • Stephanie Ireland

    Stephanie Ireland / Charlotte Bian - Fun your way out of Meeting Hell

    40 Mins

    Lousy meetings.

    We have ALL been there.

    It's like being stuck in a torturous, seemingly inescapable hell.

    This session will help participants to learn some short sharp 'ice breaker' games to liven up and brighten even the worst of meetings.

    Find your meeting facilitation edge by coming to our session, we promise it won't be hell.

  • Melinda Harrington

    Melinda Harrington - Find Your Edge with the LAST Quiz

    Melinda Harrington
    Melinda Harrington
    Agile Coach
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins
    TED talk

    Find Your Edge with a fun quiz

    You hear lots of big words at conferences but can you use them in a sentence?

    "Are you taking Holacracy and the Dark Arts this term, Hermione?

    "We need to talk about CYNEFIN"

    "Does your partner like the Monte Carlo method?"

    This light-hearted talk tests your knowledge of tricky vocabulary words and concepts.

    Lean and Agile come with their own languages. Learn these words quickly. Once politicians start using them it's too late to impress anybody.

  • Caoilte Dunne

    Caoilte Dunne - This is a test of conf engine

    Caoilte Dunne
    Caoilte Dunne
    Agile Coach /IM
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins
    Hands on Session

    This is a test of conf engine