The Human Side of a Security Incident

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What could it be like to work through a real-life security incident at your company? As awareness about security in our industry improves, we hear much about how to keep our applications secure, but rarely do we consider what happens with your employees when something goes wrong. Allow me to share my story about the emotional highs and lows of working through a security incident, as we look past its technical surface and into the human experience behind it instead.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation is primarily structured as a series of talking points as I tell the story about the security incident we experienced, from its initial response stages to the ongoing impact. Along the way I give insight into what I found most tough about the experience as well as some enjoyable highlights, concluding with some reflection on what I would do differently in hindsight.

Learning Outcome

The aim of this talk is to build awareness and empathy among developers for the increasing prevalence of cybersecurity issues in our careers. By sharing my experience, I hope to help others prepare for similar events in their careers and help build a culture of sharing on a topic with which most companies are tight-lipped.

Target Audience

Primarily developers, but all are welcome!

Prerequisites for Attendees


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