"Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name"

As coaches and practitioners of Agile we see role anti-patterns everywhere lurking, sometimes quietly sleeping and waiting to kill (the momentum!) of our teams.

Have you met the "Night King" a.ka. the Frozen Middle Manager? The "Busy Bee-ast" so deep in her hero culture she has become a bottleneck and a crutch for the team. What about Hydra, the 9-headed PO, who can't make up his mind on his 10000 requirements. He comes with an extra technical head that takes joy on the fact he still has code access. The head occasionally makes code changes to "help" the team with the backlog without their permission.

This talk is about these monsters. The monsters around us and potentially within us.

We will know them, discuss them and identify how we can equip ourselves and the teams we work with to battle their evil rather questionable forces. More importantly in this talk, whether living around us or living within us, we will uncover how we can help guide the monsters to the right path.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


A discussion of the "monsters" (8 Anti-patterns)

  • Spotting the monster
  • Gearing up to meet & fight the monster
  • Finding the light
  • When all else fails...

Mini Breakout Activity:



Learning Outcome

Participants will come out of the session equipped with information on spotting anti-patterns in roles in the Agile setting.

Some techniques to address these anti-patterns will be provided.

The participants will be able to share these anti-patterns with their teams in a fun, non-confronting way opening up coaching discussions.

Target Audience

people who deal with people. ; those who face challenges with the key players in their Agile journey.

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  • Jochy Reyes

    Jochy Reyes - Down the rabbit hole: the 'wonderland' of one of Australia's biggest Agile "transformation"

    Jochy Reyes
    Jochy Reyes
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    40 Mins

    “We’re all quite mad here. You’ll fit right in.” - Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland

    In 2017, ANZ, a 180+ year old bank made an official announcement that it will embark an organisation-wide change program to adopt Agile and transition 13,000 of its employees to this new ways of working. Like many others I found this interesting, commendable and quite frankly a bit crazy.

    January 2019 this year I find myself joining the tea party and going a bit "mad" myself.

    What is it like down the rabbit hole? Who are the interesting characters I've met so far? The queen of spades, a cheshire cat? Are they allies or foes? What lessons have I learned so far in this adventure?

    “Curiouser and curiouser.” - Alice, Alice in Wonderland

    Curiouser and curiouser you must be..

    If you're curious about coaching at scale, the challenges of breaking down silos and bureaucracy in the bank and a preview of how it is to work with 60 coaches in one division this talk is for you.

    There will be storytelling, there will be sharing of tools and techniques but more importantly there will be lessons learned.