The future has already arrived and in this digital world where machines and AI will increasingly dominate, what will be ‘the edge’ we must leverage within our teams and society? What will be the differentiator?

We need to focus on human connection and the richness of how we interact; creating and nurturing these connections for success.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to live a life led by purpose, practice raising self and group awareness and leverage the power of story telling to foster greater human connection.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Facilitate an exercise to help uncover ‘your inner purpose’
  • Explore what it means to live a life of purpose
  • Discuss the importance of raising self and social awareness to nurture relationships and increase team performance
  • Discuss the power of story telling and why this is the closest thing to a ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to fostering connection - emphasised with a nice little energiser!
  • Provide some tools to become a great storyteller

Learning Outcome

  • Identify my purpose
  • Understand the importance of living a life led by purpose
  • Understand the importance of raising EQ to increase team performance
  • Understand why stories are a powerful tool for creating human connection
  • Know how to craft an inspiring story

Target Audience

Anybody who would like to learn how to increase team performance by growing intimacy through rich interaction and understand how to leverage the power of story telling to connect at the human level

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  • 85 Mins

    Do packaged frameworks for organising the system of work help or limit performance, outcome and relationships at work? Do frameworks give you an edge or take it away?

    Where is the balance between mandating a framework to get started as compared to allowing for a model of work to emerge within the local context of a social system?

    We define serious realism as being a cynical optimist with a dash of science and open mind, compassion and open heart, activism and open will and a sense of fun and play.

    We take a "relatively" scientific approach to create "almost" comparable outcomes in order to find "less" biased questions to help you find your edge. The participants will also sharpen their tools and techniques that help them on their real life problems at work. This will give confidence to find and apply their edge.

    In this immersive social experiment, participants will experience different approaches to social systems change and their effect on the outcome, performance and people in teams or organisations. Participant will also experience different possibilities to organise the work, build relationships and achieve outcomes.

    Together, we will find our edge by asking better questions that open new possibilities for work, community and our relationship to those.

    Come and experience sciencing, arting and funning in a bundle

  • Leigh Jenkinson

    Leigh Jenkinson - How to become a ‘Champagne’ team!

    Leigh Jenkinson
    Leigh Jenkinson
    Sr. Agile Coach
    schedule 4 years ago
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    40 Mins

    What is that magic that makes some teams bubble and fizz whilst others just fizzle out?

    Why do some truly soar when others stumble and fail?

    In Agile, we talk about nurturing high performing teams, but what is the formula for high performance?

    In this session we’ll explore the traits of success and learn some inspiring lessons from a real life Champagne team to help you and your teams find their winning edge!