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AI as a technology is being adopted by more and more organisations to solve interesting and challenging problems recently thought unfathomable. However, our experiences are that while the principles we have used over the last 20 years in Agile and Lean still apply, the practices might not. While sharing some of the opportunities AI provides, I will share some of those experiences and learnings with you.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Definitions around AI - AI vs ML vs DL vs MLaaS
  • Type of problems that each of these solve
    • Augmentation vs Replacement?
  • Case Study of DataRock/Solve.
    • What it does
    • What it solves
    • Some of the challenges of deploying ML models
  • Making sure you are solving a real problem (UX and ML)
  • The problems of Data
  • Handling specialists. Hire or train? Should you make your developers an ML expert or make your Data Scientist a Software Engineer.
  • Handling bias
  • How to measure determining Basic Correctness vs Human Performance

Learning Outcome

When I should use AI/ML?
What I need to start and what I need to plan for to get this to real customers.

How you can use your ‘traditional’ agile techniques to deliver an A.I./ML based product.

Target Audience

Those Product Owners or Scrum masters or software developers who are at the beginning or wish to be prepared looking to incorporate some AI into their products. Especially something custom (i.e. not some prepared model by a supplier)

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Sam Bowtell

    Sam Bowtell - Creating a truly Inclusive Culture for high performance

    Sam Bowtell
    Sam Bowtell
    Certified Scrum Trainer
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    Culture has a huge part to play in moving a team to high performance and the leader of the team plays a critical role in creating that culture. Sam uses the voices of the diverse scaled agile team he led for 2 years from their entries in his leaving card, and shared how the key themes of their feedback, energy, caring and fun came together to create a culture where team members feel valued, trusted and able to do their best every day regardless of their cultural background or which team or company they work for.

  • Keith Dodds

    Keith Dodds - Have the Corporate Elite Co-opted Agile?

    40 Mins

    Agile has become all the rage with corporate leaders. Agile transitioned in the last two decades from something mainly of interest to software developers (and, initially, only a small number of those) to a major concern for CEOs and senior executive teams. Who these days doesn't want their business to be agile?

    The Agile mindset is now seen as important for almost every aspect of modern-day business "best practices". Management gurus, strategy journals and every big transformation program all extol user-centric design, rapid iterations for great product management, the importance of omnichannel customer experience and the ability to easily pivot versus multi-year plans and 500-page business cases. Not least, everyone proclaims the virtues of less "top down" hierarchy in structure, diversity and behaviour.

    But in that process, have the goals of the Agile movement been co-opted by corporate leaders to align with their traditional agendas? These include maximising shareholder returns, increasing profit margins, reducing headcounts and relentless cost-cutting.

    Is any of that a problem for Agile practitioners?

    And, if so, what to do about it? What is your "One Metric That Matters"?

  • Stephanie Ireland

    Stephanie Ireland / Charlotte Bian - Fun your way out of Meeting Hell

    40 Mins

    Lousy meetings.

    We have ALL been there.

    It's like being stuck in a torturous, seemingly inescapable hell.

    This session will help participants to learn some short sharp 'ice breaker' games to liven up and brighten even the worst of meetings.

    Find your meeting facilitation edge by coming to our session, we promise it won't be hell.

  • Jessica

    Jessica - Why things fail

    Product Manager
    Equal Experts
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins
    Hands on Session

    Why did the iPad make it but Google Glass cost google $900million?

    In this new world of unicorns, upstarts and silicon roundabouts, it's easy to get caught up it making it, but how do we effectively and responsibly innovate?

    In this interactive session, we will look at case studies over the last 80 years of some of the biggest product flops; what went wrong and which companies went on to recover. The intention is to explore what not to do; the untold stories of success and leave with a refreshed understanding of why failure is critical in the pursuit of innovation.

    Join me to create you own innovation equation to take into your work, own ideas and everyday life.