Inspired by my great friend and awesome coach Ariel Ber, this dynamic is a sequence of quick games for Managers. Games to understand key principles to design better organisations.

If a manager decides to start an agile transformation without taking into account its values ​​and principles, there is a risk that the result will be empty and meaningless, and eventually harmful. Most failures adopting agile methodologies are due to ignore the essence in them, assuming that we do not need to work to develop them.

Games and simulations are a powerful tool to tackle agile values ​​and principles without falling into obvious conceptualisations. In this interactive and dynamic session, we will simulate real situations through challenging and innovative games, which will allow us to reflect on the essentials of agility and take concrete ideas on how to put it into practice to transform our teams and entire organisation.

wish you enjoy this session and get some good take-aways from it. Meanwhile, I´ll appreciate your comments to my proposal to be able to tweak and improve it if required. Thanks


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Sequence of games of 10-15 minutes each followed by discussion on the principles behind them. Expected 5-6 games.

Session can be shrunk to 40-45' if required to fit into the conference program. Expected 3 games.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn from the dynamics:

  • The radical importance of principles and values.
  • How risky it can be to consider Agile only as a set of rules and practices.
  • The richness that we can obtain from the combination of games to have significant experiences and facilitated conversations to turn them into experience and learning.

Each game will show specific principles and values for participants to understand and take into account into their organisations:

  • The power of self-organisation when there is a precise objective, limits and autonomy.
  • The value of receiving clear feedback.
  • The importance of situational leadership and resolution of complex problems through emerging plans.
  • The experience of building a product through an iterative and incremental process.
  • The experience that trust is built and it is very difficult to recover it once it is lost.

Target Audience

All levels

Prerequisites for Attendees

no prerequisites but if you have 30 minutes available you can challenge your assumptions on how Trust works with this game:

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