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Solution Design for Agile Actual Delivery

How to break down a huge problem with many parts and components, risks and unknowns.

Too often, agile is explained using simple projects, or making changes to existing mature products and codebases. But how can you successfully be agile when working with real-world ‘warts and all’ systems, a team of people who may not have all the skills to support the change, little experience using modern engineering practices and tooling, and in an organisation that can’t help but sabotage it’s own efforts to change?


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • How to avoid technology-led design.
  • Who do you need in a team?
  • Throw out everything you think you know about Agile.
  • Making valuable changes that demonstrate progress.
  • How to handle the question “when will it be done?”
  • Done is dead.
  • Legacy doesn’t exist.

Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes

  • How to identify and reduce the risks associated with change.
  • How to break complex tasks down into shippable increments.
  • Prioritisation.
  • Increase the certainty and confidence of actual delivery.

Target Audience

Developers, solution designers, architects, project managers, leaders and everyone else

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