You and I both caused a $50 Billion dollar's what we can do about it

Globally, organisations are wasting over $50 Billion a year on leadership development. We’re simply not lifting leadership capability overall; we still rely on ‘hero’ leaders and ‘stars’ in our teams, to really get stuff done…and that’s not scalable.

Why? We don’t focus on the behaviours that really matter in a given context and we don’t measure return on investment, through applied results.

Make it matter with the “one change to rule them all” – updating your leadership and organisational development approaches to focus on Behavioural Insights.

Cultivating insights from behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience, we develop your ability to understand and mitigate the limitations of your own brain - and all the other brains around you.

A Behavioural Insights focus will ensure you and your team learn faster. And make better decisions.

Organisations exist in an increasingly competitive, disrupted landscape. Yet the fundamental behaviours of human beings haven’t changed a lot over hundreds of thousands of years. We help organisations leverage this understanding, to innovate and win.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Intro: the $50 billion dollar waste of leadership development (5 mins)
  • Overview: introducing 'Behavioural Insights' on what happens when humans Think, Decide on, Act on and Remember (5 mins)
  • Activity: applying Behavioural Insights - participants to choose one of our insights and apply to their organisation (10 mins)
  • Q and A: open floor to give participants a chance to ask their questions or share their experiences (10 mins)

Learning Outcome

  1. Updated understanding of what successful leadership development looks like, including how this connects with Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking
  2. An introduction to the field of behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience, summarised through Behavioural Insights
  3. Overview of the four key areas where every leader can apply Behavioural Insights
  4. A personal 'worked example' of Behavioural Insights in action

Target Audience

Anyone who leads a team or creates change in their organisation.

Prerequisites for Attendees

My presentation title and key themes are clearly highlighted in two pieces of research:

If participants read these (estimated time: approx 10 minutes) prior to the session, they will start from a more informed place.

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