At Izinga we believe that change doesn't have to be big bang, and we can tailor the engagement to focus on your entire organisation, just a department or even a single team.

Izinga is made up of a small core unit of experienced consultants. We scale by bringing on carefully-selected unicorns (in the shape of specialised consultants) to work with us on specific consulting and delivery projects and to offer expert training in addition to our own courses.


Our key areas of focus include:

  • Service and experience design to grow customer engagement;

  • Customer research and traction models to understand if you're delivering the right thing; 

  • Engineering and technical excellence for your development teams and digital transformation; 

  • Lean startup and continuous innovation for rapid feedback loops; 

  • True agile principles and choosing the right framework to enable agility and responsiveness;

  • Visualisation and flow-of-work methods to reduce waste and provide transparency; 

  • Team-based outcomes and empowerment that lead to higher team engagement and happier team members.