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LAST Conference Sydney 2023 Day 1

Fri, Sep 22
Timezone: Australia/Sydney (AEST)

    Welcome Session - 25 mins


    Coffee Break - 30 mins


    LunchBreak - 60 mins

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    Josh Kleiner

    Josh Kleiner - The Six Learning Cycles of Improvement

    schedule  02:30 - 03:10 PM AEST place Smith people 7 Interested star_halfRate

    Improvement. A drive to be better at something. The idea that if we put the work in, we can increase our abilities. A quick google search will show you countless articles, books, videos, and personal blogs all claiming to have figured out the best way to improve and how it changed their lives forever. To quote a mentor of mine “a topic where there is a lot of good research and an amazing amount of pseudoscience, new age wackiness and total crap”.

    Throughout this talk I will discuss the concept of an "improvement cycle", which quantifies the effort and time required to substantially improve at whatever you are learning or being taught. Bringing data from previous clients and personal proof points, I will show you how I have seen substantial improvement in organisational ways of working, team maturity, and my own personal goals using these learning cycles and explore some of the theory behind them.


    Coffee Break - 30 mins

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    Mayase Jere

    Mayase Jere - Unleashing Innovation and Creativity through Hackathons

    schedule  03:40 - 04:20 PM AEST place Green people 1 Interested star_halfRate

    Hackathons are a great way to build innovation in a company. They provide a platform for employees to come together and collaborate on new ideas. Hackathons can also help to foster a culture of innovation within a company.

    Flybuys is running its first companywide Hackathon on 6 September 2023. This internally organised event intends to increase innovation and inspire collaboration between Tech and other business areas.  A company-wide engagement survey has the Innovation sentiment as of June 2023 at 67%. The hackathon is an experiment to validate the assumption that the event can increase the innovation sentiment and foster creativity in individuals and teams after the hackathon.   But it doesn’t stop there. What are the non-tangible signs of innovation? What do we witness when an idea is born from a team and followed through to realise its value?  

    Hackathons have been said to increase collaboration, creativity and innovation in organisations but do they really? 

    In this experiment, we closely follow the journey of team born ideas and the observed behaviours of said team members. We share personality shifts, how team members respond to full ownership of their idea, and how this behaviour differs to company lead initiatives. Our Coaches will observe multiple teams, compile findings, and for the purpose of presenting shifts and patterns.

    In this session, we will, from a practical standpoint:  

    • Discuss the benefits of hackathons and how they can be used to build innovation in a company 
    • Explore whether Hackathons can serve as catalysts for driving creative problem-solving and sparking ideas 
    • Examine the challenges, team dynamics, techniques and best practices that unlock a culture of innovation from the findings of the Flybuys Hackathon experiment.  
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    Jack Skinner

    Jack Skinner / Kailash Awati - Our generational gap in APIs (and how to solve it)! | An Emergent Design Approach to Data Science Strategy

    schedule  03:40 - 04:20 PM AEST place Smith people 3 Interested star_halfRate

    A double header session:

    Our generational gap in APIs (and how to solve it)!

    Everything old is new again, or so it seems. Time after time we find ourselves bike-shedding old ideas with new craftspeople. So how do we stop reinventing the wheel… or is there hidden value in the repetition?

    Institutional knowledge is an undervalued gem in a team’s productivity. We know this intrinsically (when a team is storming) but how do we maintain that knowledge when teams and organisations navigate high rates of change or turnover.

    In this talk I’ll argue the case that bike-shedding old ideas can actually be a valuable instrument in up-skilling new contributors on our API projects and why its actually pivotal to building great API products that customers LOVE.

    Can your API product strategy be crafted entirely by experts and API veterans? Let’s find out together.


    Data Science and Emergence

    How do you establish data science and analytics capabilities in organisations using Emergent Design, an evolutionary approach that increases the chances of successful outcomes while minimising upfront investment. Kailash and Alex share their experiences and those of a number of data leaders, the and provide advice on data technologies, processes, and governance structures so that readers can make choices that are appropriate to their organisational contexts and requirements.

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    Cindy Mcclure

    Cindy Mcclure - Faster Than Light Coaching

    schedule  03:40 - 04:20 PM AEST place Pacific people 4 Interested star_halfRate

    An elite F1 racing team is designed to deliver optimum performance up to and including the driver. The F1 Team has a responsibility to optimise these critical components (tyres, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, analysis of track conditions etc.) that drive performance of the system including starting at the top with the driver's performance.
    Similarly, as agile, system and lean practitioner practitioners of high performing teams, we have a holistic responsibility and commitment to all of the components of a system including the 'driver' of that system, be it a GM, head of business, Tribe/Platform lead, or Scrum Master/Product Owner.
    Performance coaching is based on the science of optimising human motivation and behaviour for any given endeavour. The self-coaching Leadership canvas is a lightweight coaching framework designed to improve a Leaders personal performance.
    The canvas brings together over 20 years of performance coaching experience of business leaders designed to improve self-awareness, understanding, motivations & targeted actions.
    In this workshop simulation participants will test drive the self-coaching leadership canvas working in groups of 3. The canvas will provide guidance on how to use highly effective and less well-known leadership coaching tools for the purpose of self-coaching performance. 

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    Terry Haayema

    Terry Haayema - The Dysfunction Game

    schedule  03:40 - 04:20 PM AEST place Chambers people 3 Interested star_halfRate

    Are you struggling to help teams, leaders, or organisations see their own dysfunction so you can help them to improve?

    The dysfunction game is your friend.

    In this workshop we'll design games to help make the system visible so you can create 'aha' moments that bring an issue to the surface so you can have a conversation about it.

    The Dysfunction Game, is itself a game and it might even have its own dysfunction.


    Closing Panel - 30 mins