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We often talk about the need for new organisational structures to enable agility - 

  • Teams not individuals
  • Value streams not silos
  • supportive leaders not reporting lines

We do this at the team and team of teams level well now, but what does an lean/agile enabling structure look like at the enterprise level? What structures are needed? How does enterprise level strategy get translated into meaningful work? Are there any fundamental principles that underpin good agile organisational structures? 

In this workshop I want a number of groups to take a traditional organisation and re-imagine it through a lean/agile lens. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

60 Minute workshop

5 Mins - Introduction

5 Mins - Overview of sample organisation structure

10 Mins - reorganisation iteration 1

10 Mins - team by team debrief - benefits, possible issues, how would you get there from where they are now

10 Mins - reorganisation iteration 2

10 Mins - team by team debrief

 10 Mins - Discussion of principles

Learning Outcome

I would like the participants to leave with a sense of what is possible when approaching agility in a large enterprise. 

I would also like the participants (and myself) and to explore any underlying principles for designing organisations where agile and lean practices can grow and thrive.

I would also like to explore how those principles can be used in what we are doing now. 

Target Audience

Anyone interested in how agility can work across a large organisation

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