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Engineering practices, Agile, devops ... they're all important. But they're not nearly as important if you're not building the right things to start with. Don Reinertsen is a lean product development genius (see his book, The Principles of Product Development Flow), but his work is intimidating in it's depth. This presentation will distill some of the most useful concepts that Reinertsen has outlined (his book has 175 principles!) in a practical way that will allow attendees to implement simply and quickly.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

5 minutes introduction covering the problem space and introducing Reinertsen and lean product development

15 minutes covering the selected principles in a digestible way for the audience 

3 minute wrap up, relating the overarching principles to a broader challenges in helping organisations do product development well

5 - 10 minutes questions

Learning Outcome

Attendees should be able to point to the most important pivotal concepts in Reinertsen's product development flow principles AND be able to reason about how to apply these principles in their own environments in a practical way.

Target Audience

Product managers, engineering leaders, managers and anyone interested in the product development process.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have an idea about general Agile concepts and how it relates to digital product development.

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