Distributed agile works, right? Or does it..?

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One of the agile values is Individual interactions over processes and tools which often gets translated into face to face conversations. These are then greatly enhanced by co-location of teams. We all know and have experienced the magic of collocated collaboration.

Now, the bum here is that increasingly more and more organisations have a desire to adopt a dispersed and/or distributed agile ways of working for a variety of reasons, such as scaling agile across larger scopes / geographical locations; expanding business to new markets; access to talent pools, and the economic benefits of relocating work to low labour cost countries.

As agile teams move from being co-located to being geographically separated it increases complexity and decreases productivity. Many teams battle to understand this phenomenon and tame it. Sometimes even turn it to their advantage.

This session aims to spin off an 'experience sharing' discussion among those of us who have or are working with distributed and/or dispersed teams. And who knows, I might even bring along a slide or two on 'suitability assessment for dispersed ways of working'. Boom!


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

1. Intro of the problem

2. Personal experience with potential solutions

3. Group discussion and experience sharing 

Learning Outcome

1. Distributed and/or dispersed agile ways of working will be only increasing due to many business pressures. 

2. There are many ways to mitigate the complexity and potentially decreased productivity caused by distributed a/o dispersed ways of working (specific examples).

3. There is a 'suitability assessment cheat-sheet' that organisations can use before they move to distributed a/o dispersed agile teams. This cheat-sheet will help identify the right actions to take before making the move. 

Target Audience

Anyone who works or will work with distributed / dispersed agile teams.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring along your curiosity and willingness to share your experience.

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