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I will teach one way to journey from a customer-focused problem statement to a defined and scoped solution definition.

By the end of the workshop, each team will have experience with:

  • Identifying our customer - "Who"
  • Defining a problem we want to solve for this customer - "Why"
  • Describing the journey the customer will take through our solution (UI/Journey Map)
  • Defining how we will enable the journey to happen (Story Map)
  • Defining milestones and deliverables

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Identifying our customer

Who are we solving problems for?

Defining a problem we will solve for our customer

Why is this a problem we need to solve for this customer. Typically, this comes in context of weighing multiple projects. However, for this workshop we will work in a vacuum, only one project per team.

Describing the journey the customer will take through our solution?
How will the customer use this product? - or - how will the data move through the product? This defines what we need to build and helps us visualize the solution.

What is out of scope?

Defining how we will enable the journey to happen?

What are the stories that we need to build against? How will we make the journey we identified happen for our customers?

Defining milestones and deliverables

How do we break down the project to find our minimum Viable Product? What about our minimum viable solution?

How can we turn each step into a hypothesis, that will prove (or disprove) that we should keep moving forward with this product?

Learning Outcome

We will break down the process of planning a project. Starting with the problem, rather than the solution in order to make sure we are building the right thing for our customers, with the right features and requirements. We will also break down the work we defined into milestones, that will allow us to validate whether moving forward is valuable.

Target Audience

Those interested in product development

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring a problem statement you have been mulling around. Or, bring a wacky idea. Doesn't matter, we'll have fun breaking this down and looking at it from different angles.

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