INNOVATION TOURNAMENTS: How to lead the energizing process that results in exceptional solutions

Today’s leaders are under pressure to both support the day to day operations AND innovate for the future. Yet we often lack a specific process to do so. We know we need to stay competitive and valuable - yet we aren’t sure where to start. Learn a process that can jumpstart innovation AND help you and your team focus on the right ideas.

Used by Deloitte and Touche, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and DOW to generate exceptional ideas, INNOVATION TOURNAMENTS are a fun, energizing process that gives voice to the whole team. This process increases employee engagement AND results in great ideas that move the business forward.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Very Hands on session:

20 minute presentation: Participants will learn 3 levels of innovation.

40 minutes of hands on Innovation Tournament: Participants will engage in hybrid brainstorming, rapid idea pitching and evaluating.

(Note to Program Team: Track Co-Chairs requested if Jeannie could make this a 2 hour workshop so this outline would be extended.)

Learning Outcome

In this exciting, hands-on session, you’ll:

  1. Choose which type of innovation is the best fit for your company.
  2. Participate in an energetic mini Innovation Tournament and see how to generate and evaluate the best ideas.
  3. Learn how to quickly draw out and pitch your best ideas

Target Audience

Team leaders, directors, project managers, meeting facilitators, VPs

Prerequisites for Attendees



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