The challenges of product development are not about products. They are about interpersonal relations. The empathic component is what makes a product manager special. In a field that values objective performance, spending your time on empathic interaction is perceived as a waste of time because is not measurable. But there is a connection between empathy and other outcomes, such as enhanced team buy-in, smoother communication and information exchange. Empathy is key to building great products. Give it to your office community, and they will love you.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

45 min talk with slides & 15 q&a

Learning Outcome

more constructive communication - develop skills for empathy

  • First address the emotional (What & How)
  • Move on to the informational aspects. (User & Data)
  • Close with our shared values (Give it a purpose)
  • This is what I need from you. (Influence)
  • Are we still aligned? Do you need anything from me?

Target Audience

product managers

Prerequisites for Attendees




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