We Should Make Heroes - Finding The Character That Makes The People That Make The Difference

Agile needs more badass. What is required to successfully lead teams in their agile journey is the same thing that your favourite athletes, entertainers, and heroes are made of.
You have to get visionary, get focused, get humble, and get gritty.
Whenever I pack up and move on to new projects, I experience the same problems. People often barely know what Agile means, much less how to do it. We think that, by implementing standups and retrospectives, we should be able to get "more stuff sooner". We believe that agile is simply a prescription we can sprinkle on sick projects to make them better, and take them out of the danger zone.
In this presentation, I'll lead you out of the fog of "doing agile" that you've probably experienced in your own organization and into the right way of thinking, being and acting that actually creates high performance. We will meet the traditional cast of villains - complexity, confusion, inconsistency, fear of change, resistance to failure,… and the traditional remedies that might be making things worse.
A Badass Agile leader needs to get schooled in the four keys of agility in order to inspire and effect lasting change that can spread through the organization.
The simplest things are the hardest to do, but they're also the ones that work. Check out this refreshing approach to Agile thinking, learning and doing.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • How To Become A Great Fighter (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  • What athletes, performers and elite operators already know - fundamentals are better than prescriptions
  • The Same Old Problems, The Same Old Solutions - why the way you learn and do Agile Isn't working.
  • Turns out you already have everything you need
  • Enter The Badass: Dirty Harry Takes On Agile
  • The Way of The Badass:
    • Get Visionary (Who are you, who do you serve, and why?)
    • Get Focused (Break big things into small things, execute
    • Get Humble/Get Flexible (collect feedback
    • Get Gritty (Leap, go, fail, adapt)
  • Practice, and the Long-Game
  • Outcomes - Becoming The Person Others Want To Follow

Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the simplicity and elegance of Agile
  • Know how to become the leader that people want to follow
  • Understand what causes resistance and failure, and the most effective way to avoid them
  • Have a simple and very practical roadmap for navigating new teams and organizations,
  • Have an easy-to-implement list of the mindset and habit pairs they need to practice to reach excellence (in Agile and beyond)

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Scrum/Agile Fundamentals


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