What if:

> You developed rich relationships with value partners around your business ecosystem?

> You trusted that your value partners understood your concerns and desired outcomes, and were commited to your success, as you are to theirs?

> Your people could welcome change as opportunity?

> You could count on timely, trustworthy information and robust feedback for developing products and services?

> Working with you was naturally rejuvenating?

With all that operating, your business would enjoy Ecosystem Intelligence. Your people would co-inspire social 'safety', satisfying the social brain and optimizing both individual and collective smarts. You would become a sought-after workplace that generates loyalty, learning productivity and profitability in the face of ongoing uncertainty.

You'd have the energy and appetite to welcome the next question.

In this session, you will practice techniques born of a rich, multi-disciplinary cocktail and tempered over four decades. We will review examples and research that demonstrate why these techniques build agility and prepare participants to take the benefits of Ecosystem Intelligence back to their 'day jobs.'


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Beginning with neuroplasticity exercises and agile warm-ups, we'll start to stretch our abilities.

We'll enjoy some of the satisfying aspects of ancestral human environments.

We'll explore results from Ecosystem Intelligence practices: teams boosting individual and collective intelligence and driving stellar business outcomes in 'impossible' contexts. We'll extract principles and practice how to apply them.

Small groups will map and score real value exchanges.

We'll practice populating a Dashboard with a new leading indicator for agility.

We'll review how participants can use these tools to recruit the social brain: driving agility in their organizations.

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave this workshop:

*knowing how to employ aspects of our ancestral environments in modern workplaces, to spark curiosity and sustain ingenuity

*understanding four types of value exchanges and how to map and score them

*knowing how to grow desirable value exchanges and decrease undesirable ones

*able to apply a leading metric that is a key element in creating, assessing, and improving agility

Target Audience

Coaches, facilitators and managers who seek tools and practices for optimizing agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

This will be an intense workout; it will not brook multi-tasking.

Please respect our guidelines:

- if you plan to join us, be on time

- park your devices and leave them off

The workshop involves movement; be comfortable

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