Ecosystem Intelligence: Ultimate Inclusion

I am fierce about illuminating what it takes to enjoy agility: to build the relationships, contexts, and skills that proffer dignity and inspire people to experiment. Join me.

The ultimate task is co-authoring and executing value exchanges that take care of our families and communities in the face of uncertainty. It calls for a kind of fitness that none of us learned in school. Human life takes place in cooperative exchanges; generating new ones in changing conditions does not come readily with brains that developed in the Stone Age.

This talk will explore how we can heighten curiosity and ingenuity, and sustain the smarts that drive better products and services - or not. With success stories, science and experiential exercises, we'll review insights from neuroscience, ecology and my four decades of Business Anthropology.

The news is good and bad. Business Agility demands a type of top performance: a rare combination of skills and context that expands human abilities. Participants will learn how mimicking some ancestral conditions recruits the social brain: heightening curiosity, inspiring ingenuity and welcoming change as opportunity. They'll experience extending neuro-plasticity and how the social brain inhibits or enables what they can do. We'll reflect about how ecosystems work, and what is required to engage with their natural vitality.

We'll explore tools and processes that employ the ancient, demanding social brain in business agility, satisfying it to release energy and boost intelligence. We'll practice a new Dashboard, with a leading indicator that teams can use to gauge ongoing progress.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Business Anthropologist's view of agility

Fun examples, a powerful video, scientific insight and deceptively-simple experiential exercises woven together - illuminating how the social brain enables/disables people's smarts

Review of tools and skills that curate the environment and build the practices that nourish and sustain business agiity

Learning Outcome

Participants enjoy a more comprehensive view of what it takes to systematically embrace change as opportunity

Gain practices they can apply immediately to extend inclusion and cultivate ingenuity

With new eyes, identify areas of focus to drive agility

Target Audience

Change agents, managers, coaches, facilitators

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