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Too much design up front and you are bumping into the design all of the time (and losing time). Not enough design and your system can crumble in reality. How do you blend architecture so you have the right decisions at the right time, and give them enough due dilligence? How do you embrace cloud and microservices and not risk getting into different failure scenarios or overly complicated maintenance and ripple effects?

In this session we will walk through visualizations that help teams blend product thinking with architecture. Along the way, we will look at microservices and domain modeling as well as chaos engineering and fault tolerance - blending all of these into a context that is consumable by all and gives the right emphasis at the right time.

Leave this session with simple visualizations and approaches that you can apply immediately to start blending product with architecture, especially if you are looking to run in a cloud world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is architecture? Why is it hard - using Christopher Alexander examples

Using storymaps and user journeys to explore architectural decisions

Using storymaps to explore microservices and domain boundaries along with resilliency

Applying architectural decisions to quadrants looking at experience / coupling to product and looking at ways to explore 'wrongness'

Learning Outcome

  • Using StoryMaps to explore architecture concerns
  • Leveraging user journeys to find out what decisions architecture you can defer to later
  • Using a modified CRC card along with a storymap to look at domains for microservices
  • Visual indicator to look at cost of architectural decisions from a product perspective and exploring what it means to be wrong

Target Audience

Architects, Engineers, Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite


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