Product Visioning and Experimentation with the UX Runway and Lean UX Center of Excellence

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Lean UX as a discipline needs specific considerations at each stage of agile product development. Value streams need design standards to ensure UX governance and consistency are aligned throughout a product and product suite. Teams and programs need to decrease lead times and bottlenecks while implementing consistent experiences and simultaneously exploring options within design sets and testing outcomes. This consistency is achieved from the work of a Lean UX Center of Excellence (LUXCE) focusing on governance and empowerment through backlog enablers to build, refine, and validate the product vision through rapid experimentation cycles.

This session will introduce how to establish a LUXCE to inform UX enablers, address UX debt, inform how set-based design decisions can be made at the last responsible moment using the UX Runway concept, and share how programs and teams can best utilize Lean UX experts to further their product vision, program planning, and execution with assistance from the LUXCE's guidance. By making UX a consistent and key part of teams, product and architecture, a consistent and more usable product emerges!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What is a LUXCE and a UX Runway? How does UX fit in with agile, product and architecture? (15 minutes)
  • LUXCE and UX preparation for PI/mid range Planning (15 minutes)
  • LUXCE and UX participation in PI/mid range Planning (10 minutes)
  • LUXCE and UX in PI/mid range plan Execution (10 minutes)
  • Questions (10 minutes)

Learning Outcome

  • Consider critical decisions when starting a LUXCE in organizations
  • Form problem-based teams with consistent Lean UX experts’ influence using sets of designs to create minimum marketable features to test the product vision
  • Articulate UX enablers to create and maintain design standards across a value stream

Target Audience

UX, product managers/owners, scrummasters

Prerequisites for Attendees

UX discipline basics, working knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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  • Natalie A Warnert

    Natalie A Warnert - Increasing Diversity and Inclusion with Women in Agile - The Women in Agile Story from MVP to Non Profit

    Natalie A Warnert
    Natalie A Warnert
    Natalie Warnert LLC
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    60 Mins
    Women in Agile started like most movements do, with a problem and a small grassroots effort which was not on the leading edge. Now it has grown to a leading non-profit organization with local groups across the world and many conference pairings under its belt all in a timeframe of a few years. Women in Agile utilized leading-edge MVP/lean startup targeted experiments to determine how to expand meaningfully and sustainably while examining data and experience collected along the way.
    While the need for diversity is nothing new, the way Women in Agile approached the inclusion of new and diverse ideas is! All genders are welcome, included, and valued in participating and learning to be better allies to each other! Women in Agile turns no one away and is different in the way we lead through empowering the community - anyone can start a Women in Agile group, join, and receive support!
    This session discusses how Women in Agile got to where it is today, what is in store for the future, and how you can take our lessons learned to grow organizations and ideas in a successful and sustainable way and get yourself or your community involved in making a change. We will be using the Denver group leaders as a shining example of a thriving group and will examine their unique learnings as part of the session.